Surveys, Feedback and CPI

When Jim Cowper accepted the presidential position at CPI in August 2014, he inherited a 33 year old history of striving for excellence and professionalism in the technical staffing industry. Intent on providing the highest quality candidates to the clients they serve, CPI has always conducted detailed surveys for all of its employees. The surveys measure everything from the most satisfying aspects of working for CPI, CPIs ethical standards and the decision to work for CPI again, to name but a few. Over the years, CPI has consistently received high marks for recommending CPI to others as a source of employment, a willingness to work for CPI again, compensation, and the embodiment of high ethical standards. survey

The CPI staff also reports that receiving direct feedback from candidates can be extremely rewarding. Its not unusual but always welcomed when a candidate reaches out after he has been hired, said Greg Allen, Technical Recruiter CPI. One of Allens candidates, Jeremy Royal, Data Wellness Coordinator, Quest Diagnostics said, Working with CPI was an immensely positive experience, and my best experience with a staffing agency to date. The staff was always courteous and helpful, and gladly answered any questions I had. The hiring process with CPI was the most seamless and pleasant of any staffing agency Ive used, and the assignment itself was very well-suited to me and my skill set. To make it even better, I was eventually hired in as a full time employee! CPI was invaluable towards getting me started on a new career track.

CPI spends every hour of every working day creating a space for the client and the ideal candidate to come together. No one understands that better than CPI Arizona, Branch Manger, Laura Sorrell. We take our commitments to our clients very seriously, and we understand that the success of a project is based on how CPI performs, said Sorrell. Through CPI’s quality management process, all of CPI’s clients are surveyed too. As a result, CPI has an in depth understanding of the company’s needs, preferences and requirements.

After recently completing a particularly challenging project with Fidelis Cybersecurity, CPI Arizona was the recipient of some stellar feedback. The owner/patent holder at Fidelis Cybersecurity responded with resounding praise, saying that he had reviewed all of the candidates CPI Arizona had submitted, and that he was very impressed. He went on to say that CPI had delivered in less than 24 hours, took ownership over the project and was a great face to Fidelis Cybersecurity.

We are driven to see both our clients and our candidates succeed, said Cowper. Conducting surveys and responding to honest and direct feedback is part of that overall process.”


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