The CPI TIP Referral Program

Did you know that CPI provides a cash bonus to anyone who refers us a candidate via CPI’s TIP Referral program? So what exactly is the TIP Referral Program? TIP stands for turn information into profit.

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What does the TIP Referral Program mean for CPI’s contract employees? CPIs TIP Referral Program was created in 1982 to provide a financial incentive to contract employees when referring new candidates for potential employment opportunities with CPIs clients. Over the years, the in demand job titles/skills and incentive amounts have changed based on market demands. But one thing has remained the same; the CPI teams enthusiasm for putting people to work through the TIP Referral Program!

Men in computing trainingA well-defined candidate referral program is beneficial to everyone, said James L. Cowper, President, CPI. Our contract employees really feel great about helping someone they know find a new job. The financial incentive is a fantastic motivator, but that feeling, which comes from knowing youve positively impacted someones career is invaluable.

Its also interesting to note that there is a body of research, which shows that referred candidates tend to integrate more quickly into their work environment. Why? It would make sense that the referred employee has an automatic comfort level with his/her new job because they are able to reach out and connect with the person(s) who helped facilitate his/her employment. “The CPI team works to foster mentor/mentee relationships. Referrals are a natural jumping off point for building mutually beneficial employment relationships,” said Cowper.

If you have a TIP referral, the CPI team wants to hear from you! Drop us a line at or contact your recruiter directly to refer a new candidate today!

And thanks for the TIP!


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