logo.gifOrchestrated by CPI, U.S. veterans aid international automotive supplier in a nation wide project.   


For more than 32 years, CPI has been a global technical staffing firm engaged in hiring former military personnel.  CPI shares a vision to support and hire veterans with some of the largest corporations in the world, including, Michigan based GM, IBM, Aetna, Hershey, BAE Systems, Western Union, Merck and many, many more. We have employed more than 2000 veterans since the year 2000.

The Situation

CPI had developed a relationship with a major tier-3 supplier to the Big Three in 2012, with the purpose of supplying fabricators to rebuild the rides at Disney Paris. CPI provided more than a dozen contract employees for the project, which was executed successfully. Because CPI had developed a solid relationship with the supplier, the company reached out to CPI to fulfill a much larger project, as they were struggling to find local talent.  CPI was tasked with mobilizing prototype mechanics to execute a major project for an international automotive client within a 14-day period.

Our Solution

Because CPI is a leading supplier of veterans with highly specialized DOD mechanical experience, we were uniquely qualified to assist the supplier. CPI has provided DOD contract professionals to one of the largest DOD contractors in the world for 33 years. 

Our infrastructure supports the procurement, vetting and disbursement of a variety of DOD mechanics, and highly specialized engineers. We had the fine tuned processes in place to mobilize quickly. In particular, our staffing solution included activating and hiring veterans with prototype mechanical skills, from across the country.


We reached out to our contacts nation wide, and we were able to activate the human capital needed to begin work immediately and fulfill the terms of the suppliers contract. All of the employees contracted for the project were veterans. The entire group had previously been engaged in other military programs.

CPI went on to orchestrate the arrival of prototype mechanics (veterans) from across the country, along with their specialized equipment to finish the project.

Upon completion of the four month project, the automotive supplier acquired another contract with an international automotive company, putting the aforementioned mechanics to work again. This project would take the veterans across 20 states with the purpose of redesigning or replacing fuel lines for specific busses. The team was responsible for rehabilitating approximately 15,000 buses within a two month period. 

The project was wildly successful, in no small part due to the veterans. Their work ethic, logistical instincts and prior knowledge of specialized Army tanks were invaluable to the project. Their skill sets made them extremely attractive candidates to the automotive supplier.  With highly specialized military training, the veterans were able to adapt to the project seamlessly.

As part of our overall mission, CPI will continue to focus on creating bridges, by which we place veterans with companies to create a synergetic and mutually profitable union.