logo.gifA small, highly specialized multi-disciplinary consulting firm requires rare, high value talent for a top-secret client.


The Situation

A small cutting edge multi-disciplinary consulting firm focusing on providing highly specialized engineering services, research analysis and systems integration faced a talent acquisition problem.

Because the firm works within a niche market that requires software engineers and network solutions professionals with DOD clearance and an atypical skill set relatable only to a large scale military clients, the firm found that they lacked the internal resources to find, recruit and hire qualified candidates on a comprehensive scale.

Moreover, the recruitment model the firm used was based on the ability to receive referrals and access their extended network. While marginally effective, the aforementioned recruiting channels were not adequate to meet their growing needs. Without acquiring proper recruiting/hiring support, their ability to pursue larger opportunities would be stymied. 

In addition, because the nature of their clients business included the component of expedited on boarding or specific requirements to develop teams to execute projects within 30 days of issue, the firm found it essential to partner with a staffing company that could quickly execute within the framework outlined by their clients.

Finally, the firm wanted to develop a payment structure based on the number of hours executed by each candidate.

Our Solution

Although the firm wanted to be responsible for hiring, compensating and terminating candidates directly, they also wanted to streamline their efforts to manage costs and meet their goal of finding outstanding talent in an efficient and timely manner.  In response, CPI agreed to manage our resources to target, engage, recruit and present only those candidates that would fulfill the firm’s very specific candidate requirements.

Ultimately, we conducted a skilled-based search for the client, targeting only those candidates that met their exacting prerequisites. We were able to respond quickly because we constantly engage with local, as well as national talent communities. In addition, we maintain a significant pool of pre-qualified and available candidates. In tandem with a precise skill match, we considered corporate culture, personality characteristics, interpersonal, and leadership skills.


CPI was able to quickly and effectively resolve the firm’s staffing issues based on a very specific set of criteria. Staffing positions filled by CPI included software and systems engineering positions.  

Because the firm required flexibility in their hiring processes and fee structure, CPI responded with a 3 tiered pricing program, which provided them with the flexibility they needed to increase their bottom line, while simultaneously reducing staffing costs.

By understanding the complexity of their staffing issues, we were able to facilitate a symbiotic relationship, which enabled us to immediately respond to their current and future staffing needs.

The relationship with our client continues to strengthen. As we evolve together, CPI is poised to become an integral part of their recruitment process, which includes the real possibility that CPI will become the primary recruiting arm for the firm.