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CPI’s specialized manufacturing recruiters connect our clients with a range of talent across the industry. CPI’s flexible services provide the talent needed to increase productivity while maintaining superior manufacturing practices. Our skilled candidates include everything from machinists to industrial data and cyber security engineers and many, many more. We partner with every client and each candidate to ensure that a placement is a mutual fit.

Manufacturing has evolved dramatically over the course of the last two decades. This year will be the year that the groundwork and preparation for 5G rollout really pick up, with the potential for the beginning of a limited rollout by the end of the year.

In the very near future, we will also see a direct impact of blockchain on financial operations, boosting speed, security and a cost-effective solution to transactions. Looking at the supply chain, blockchain technologies will also influence different areas from management, tracking and transaction reporting.

Our research team at CPI also reports that we are set to see more virtual or augmented reality incorporated into existing manufacturing processes and products to enhance the overall consumer experience.

Cyber threats will continue to dominate technology spending in the manufacturing industry. Businesses will need cybersecurity professionals to develop new ways of securing their operations, with a growing realization that the firewall approach isn’t fit for purpose, either in preventing breaches or allowing them to be more agile.


At our manufacturing staffing agency, each candidate we place is screened for education, general and criminal background, drugs, relevant skill set(s), experience and a cultural fit, which includes an attitude to work collaboratively and succeed.

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