Defense Jobs For Veterans

Defense Jobs for Veterans

In 1982, Steve York founded Contract Professionals, Inc. (CPI) to create defense jobs for veterans. That was over 37 years ago.  Today, CPI is responsible for sourcing top talent for defense clients around the world. The CPI team acts as a talent pipeline to companies like Oshkosh Defense and many other elite defense suppliers. In… Read More »

CPI Employees Receive Award From The Army

For more than 37 years, Contract Professionals, Inc. (CPI) has been focused on working with defense suppliers, which strive to be champions of success and innovation. The CPI team partners with only those defense suppliers that provide innovative, progressive and well paying job opportunities for both civilians and veterans.  In this way,  CPI is able… Read More »

Jobs For Veterans – WOTC Initiative

Jobs For Veterans

In 2017, CPI launched a Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) initiative to create jobs for veterans. So what is the WOTC? And what does  it mean for our nation’s veterans and other candidates? Launched in 1996, the WOTC initiative is a federal tax credit available to employers. The purpose of the program is to help… Read More »

The Big Business Of Security Clearances

Have you ever wondered about Secret and Top Secret jobs?  What are they? What are the history/origins of security clearances? What do people with Secret and Top Secret clearances do for a living? What type of information do they have access to? What’s the difference between Secret and Top Secret? What does it cost to… Read More »

A Veteran’s Journey To Find Employment In America

  Paul Smith (not his real name)*  spent nine years in the Army as a mechanic. He was responsible for the diagnostics and maintenance of the highly sophisticated 70-ton Abrams tank, built to dominate the enemy during combat. Although Smith’s title in the Army was Abrams Systems Maintainer, with a rank as Sergeant E 5,… Read More »

Transitioning From The Military To The Civilian Workforce

We are currently in the midst of a trend in America to hire out-processing military personnel and veterans.  Some of the largest companies in the world, including Apple, Amazon, AT&T, BAE Systems, Chase Bank, Coca Cola, CVS, General Dynamics, Kellogg’s, Microsoft and many, many more, have made hiring veterans a top priority. Why then, do… Read More »