Defense Jobs For Veterans

Defense Jobs for Veterans

In 1982, Steve York founded Contract Professionals, Inc. (CPI) to create defense jobs for veterans. That was over 37 years ago.  Today, CPI is responsible for sourcing top talent for defense clients around the world. The CPI team acts as a talent pipeline to companies like Oshkosh Defense and many other elite defense suppliers.

In 2018, CPI employed more than 1000 professionals. Over 40% of those employees were veterans. CPI will continue to focus on finding defense jobs for veterans, as Jim Cowper, President, CPI continues to move the company forward.

The CPI team is proud to have developed a reputation of excellence with our defense clients. How? We take the time to understand our client’s business objectives. And then we develop a client specific plan to ensure that they achieve their goals. CPI doesn’t just supply talent. The CPI team supplies a wide range of consultative services to ensure client success.

CPI also has a 37 year history of recruiting on military bases. The CPI team works with a variety of government programs including SFL-TAP centers. For example, CPI works with the TAP center at Fort Hood to access military personnel. The goal is to help candidates find work after they are discharged from the military.  The jobs may be at Fort Hood. However, the jobs may also be at Fort Carson, JBLM, Fort Riley or many other military locations.

The CPI team also helps veterans translate their military job code into a professional resume format. In particular, CPI’s defense team is trained to help veterans create a skills based resume. This means that they are trained to highlight the skills they’ve gained in the military, in a resume format.

So, are you ready to get started?  The CPI defense stands ready to help you realize your career goals.