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CPI Receives NVBDC Certification! Now What?



CPI recently received a very important certification from the National Veteran Business Development Council (NVBDC); verifying that CPI is a veteran owned business.

So what is NVBDC certification and why is it important for CPI to obtain such credentials?

The NVBDC was created for the purpose of providing a credible and reliable certifying authority that would ensure that valid documentation exists of a business’ veteran ownership and control. The NVBDC was also developed in response to the federal governments strict veteran certification requirements, limiting veteran owned companies to qualify for certification based on a revenue cap.

According to the NVBDC, there are many lucrative and productive business opportunities available to veteran owned businesses through supplier diversity programs, created by many companies and government agencies. In fact, the total spend available to qualifying businesses is estimated to be in excess of $80 billion annually.

Founding NVBDC sponsors include Kellogg’s, General Motors and the Veteran Support Foundation. As a result, the NVBDC is gaining traction as the “go to” center for veteran certification across the nation.

NVBDC certification for businesses levels the playing field and gives larger veteran owned companies the opportunity to tap into organizations and government agencies with supplier diversity programs. Receiving this certification has huge ramifications for CPI. “The NVBDC certification opens up a myriad of new opportunities for us,” said Steve York, CEO, CPI. “Our goal is to expand our client base by working with diversity suppliers from a variety of industries.”

In addition to the NVBDC certification, CPI will receive certification from the federal government as a small veteran owned business (VOSB) in the very near future. This certification will give CPI further credibility, providing us with a new status, which will enable us to do business with any company that places an emphasis on working with minority and veteran owned businesses.



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