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Founded with the goal of supporting our veterans, CPI has become a leader in connecting top veteran and civilian talent with opportunities in defense, aerospace engineering, and the expanding mobility sector. Whether you’re seeking contract-based engagements or a full-time role on a military base, our extensive network across diverse sectors ensures that your career ambitions are met—and then some. Let our expert defense contract recruiters help you find your next on-base opportunity!

Fort Cavazos, Killeen, Texas:

Formerly known as Fort Hood, Fort Cavazos is a pivotal Army base that offers a multitude of defense roles, making it an excellent choice for job seekers aiming to make a significant impact in support of U.S. military operations.

Anniston Army Depot, Anniston, Alabama:

Specializing in military vehicle and munitions maintenance and storage, the Anniston Army Depot is a key player in ensuring the readiness of U.S. forces. It provides an array of opportunities for individuals looking to contribute their expertise to the maintenance and logistics fields within the defense sector.

Fort Riley, Junction City/Manhattan, Kansas:

Known as the “Home of the Big Red One”, Fort Riley is a cornerstone for Army training and doctrine development. Situated in the scenic Flint Hills of Kansas, it offers robust career prospects in a supportive community.

Fort Bliss, El Paso, Texas:

Fort Bliss stands out for its strategic significance in missile and air defense training, boasting state-of-the-art facilities. This base in the vast deserts of Texas is a gateway for specialized defense careers, offering opportunities for innovation and growth in high-tech defense systems and operations.

Fort Carson, Colorado Springs, Colorado:

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, Fort Carson is a vibrant Army installation offering a healthy blend of operational, training, and support missions. It’s a great location for those seeking to influence the development and preparedness of ground forces in both peaceful and combat settings.

Partner with a Defense Recruiter to Discover Opportunities Such As:

Put your mechanical skills to work on tanks and other combat vehicles. This role involves conducting detailed preventive maintenance, interpreting complex troubleshooting procedures, managing specialized tools and equipment, and tackling various tasks as directed by the maintenance leadership team.
Familiar with the Bradley Fighting Vehicles platform? Our defense recruitment agency has great opportunities!
Play a critical role in ensuring the operational readiness of Abrams Tanks (M1A1 SA, M1A2 SEP V2, and SEP V3). Your duties will include performing preventive maintenance, installing modification work orders, interpreting diagnostic procedures, and maintaining accountability of equipment, all while adhering to the highest standards of maintenance and safety protocols.

A Field Service Representative ( or Field Service Technician) is a highly skilled professional specializing in providing technical expertise on the Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV). You’ll bring intimate knowledge of mechanical, air-conditioning, hydraulic, electrical, automotive, fire control, and weapons systems to identify and troubleshoot faults. Responsibilities include leading field service teams, training maintenance and support personnel, and traveling to military bases for vehicle upgrades, inspections, repairs, and maintenance. You’ll utilize your knowledge of US Army Maintenance systems or Dealer Management Systems and interpret engineering drawings and technical specifications. Proficiency in using hand and power tools, diagnostic computers, and Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) is essential. The role demands minimal supervision, excellent communication skills, and the ability to train soldiers and provide technical guidance. Be prepared to travel to remote locations on short notice and effectively communicate complex data to management.

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