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At Contract Professionals, Inc. (CPI), we understand that your company’s leadership is the driving force behind its success. That’s why we offer exceptional direct hire and executive hire services designed to help you discover the perfect leaders who will steer your organization toward greatness.

Direct Hire Solutions

When you need to find permanent professionals who not only fit your job requirements but also seamlessly integrate into your organization’s culture, CPI’s Direct Hire services are your ideal solution. We leverage our 41 years of industry experience and our deep network of candidates to identify the right talent for your critical roles. Our commitment to excellence and personalized approach ensures the candidates we recommend are more than just qualified; they’re an impeccable fit for your team.

Executive Search

In today’s competitive business landscape, having the right executives at the helm is paramount. CPI’s executive hire services are tailored to help you discover exceptional C-suite talent and top-level leadership. We understand the unique demands of these roles and employ a meticulous process to identify and deliver candidates who will excel in driving your company’s mission forward.

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