Standing Strong With Our Veterans

CPI is a veteran staffing agency, serving those who served.

Helping Veterans Build a Civilian Career

When you leave the military, you have an opportunity to leverage your unique abilities and training to build a promising future and a career you can be proud of. CPI can streamline your transition from military service to the civilian workforce, connecting you with employers who value what you have to offer. Our recruiters for veterans are experienced professionals dedicated to helping you put your training to good use with jobs at top employers. CPI recruits out-processing military personnel and identifies, locates and employs veterans and disabled veterans throughout the United States and overseas.

Interested in a New Career Path?

Find contract, contract-to-hire and direct hire jobs in defense or mobility, including fields like:

Leverage Your Military Experience

Earn excellent pay and benefits working for civilian and government organizations across the country and even overseas. As a U.S. military veteran, you were part of the best-trained workforce in the world. Your time in the military has given you highly sought-after skills and valuable experience that translate to virtually any civilian career. Taught to be hardworking, self-sufficient, proactive and loyal, you are precisely the type of candidate our savvy clients want and need to help them achieve their business goals.

Award-Winning Process

Today, CPI’s client roster includes several large international DoD suppliers. Our veteran recruiting agency uses our award-winning veteran recruitment process to provide defense workforce solutions for the engineering, technical and IT sectors of the defense industry. Each candidate we place is screened for education, general and criminal background, drugs, and relevant skill set(s), including an examination of the MOS, NEC, or AFSC codes/skills against job requirements, if applicable.

As an engineering and technical recruitment company focused on veteran out-processing, CPI interfaces directly with Transition Service Specialists and Managers, the Veteran’s Department of Workforce Commission, Contract Installation Managers, Soldier Readiness Processing Centers and many more to access out-processing veterans. We hire veterans for defense and public-sector clients and deploy them around the world.

The Veteran Experience

CPI connects veterans and employers who value them.

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