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The Passenger


In late summer/early fall 2015, CPI became certified as a veteran owned small business by The Department of Veterans Affairs (SVOB) and the National Veteran Business Development Council (NVBDC). These certifications gave CPI the validation and cache to move forward in our community and throughout the world, to help other businesses fulfill their desires to support veteran owned companies. Subsequently, CPI was honored by 101 Best & Brightest Places To Work For, giving CPI an elite award for our work in hiring veterans both domestically and internationally.

But before the certifications and the accolades for the work CPI was doing to support our nations heroes, CPI was quietly working behind the scenes to support our veterans when they needed it most.

When Steve York founded CPI in 1982, he did so with a deep and unyielding desire to give back to his military brothers and sisters. As a recruiter in the military during the Vietnam war, he was keenly aware that it was often difficult for transitioning military personnel to navigate their next steps into the civilian workforce.

As the years progressed, CPI began to thrive. Although CPI was ranked third on the Michigan Private 100 ranking of fastest-growing companies in 1982 and revenues jumped from $204,830 in 1982 to $2,447,958 in 1983, and then doubled in 1984 to $5,328,227, Steve was still only thinking about how he could put veterans to work, and how he could give back in any way he could. He has been thinking this way for more than three decades.

So when an opportunity came up at the Michigan Opera Theatre (MOT) for CPI to play a role in honoring our nations heroes in the fall 2015, he knew he couldn’t say no.

Sponsored by Ford Motor Company, the MOT fall series 2015 includes the very poignant and moving opera entitled The Passenger. To summarize, The Passenger chronicles the journey of those who lived and died during the Holocaust.

Because our nations veterans played such an important role regarding the end of the Holocaust and WWII, CPI saw a perfect opportunity to honor our veterans by hosting a large group of our nation’s heroes at The Passengers final performance, to be held on November 22, 2015 at the MOT in Detroit, Michigan at 2:30pm.

And because CPI works with Ford/MSX, Steve also thought it fitting to ask all those veterans who have worked or continue to work for Ford to be our guests. The veterans will be honored by the President and CEO of the MOT, Wayne Brown from the opera stage.

CPIs views honoring our veterans, especially during The Passenger as a joy and as a responsibility. Mr. York feels that when we honor one veteran, we are in some small way, honoring them all.

Please take the time to learn more about the MOT and get involved. We welcome you to explore all that this beautiful venue has to offer. The Michigan Opera Theater is the jewel of Detroit!

It is our privilege to be a part of this movement.




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