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This Is My CPI/Inside CPI – Vice President, Jay Vorobel


In the next installment of CPI’s “This Is My CPI” series, we catch up with Jay Vorobel, Vice President, CPI.

When we sat down with Mr. Vorobel, we had the opportunity to learn more about what it’s like to have been a part of the CPI movement for more than 22 years!

According to Mr. Vorobel, there has been a great deal of change in the industry over the last few decades. But one thing that hasn’t changed is CPI’s dedication to providing courteous and quality service on a timely basis, for a fair price, while maintaining the highest personal and professional ethics and standards.

Mr. Vorobel has a variety of job responsibilities including making sure that both the CPI defense and automotive teams have the tools and support they need to become and stay successful.

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He also spends a large part of his time working with CPI’s client base. CPI’s clients are always adding or changing their project goals. Mr. Vorobel is responsible for ensuring that CPI can respond effectively and efficiently to their ever changing needs.

Because Mr. Vorobel has been in the recruiting industry for so long, he has helped CPI weather every economic storm that our country has endured; and he has been responsible, in part, for CPI’s continued profitability for more than three decades.

According to Mr. Vorobel, the recruiting industry is more competitive and more challenging than ever. But, he goes on to say that working in the technical solutions industry is also very gratifying and he takes great pride in helping candidates find new employment opportunities as well.

As a long time owner and leader at CPI, he also understands that it’s the people that make a small business successful.Business People Cooperation Coworker Team Concept

“People are the backbone of any company. Here at CPI, we have a great group of people. They have a strong work ethic and they take pride in what they do. They do their best to meet their goals and objectives every day,” said Mr. Vorobel.

According to Mr. Vorobel, as CPI continues to grow, the focus will always be on both the clients and the candidates that support them. CPI’s job is to ensure that each client receives the best possible candidates in a time frame that exceeds their expectations.

“CPI is extremely lucky to have someone like Mr. Vorobel on the CPI team,” said Jim Cowper, President, CPI. “His level of professionalism and loyalty to the team is to be admired.”

Mr. Vorobel works tirelessly to fulfill CPI’s mission to “be the premier source of technical professionals serving major and emerging industries,” and he truly means it when he says “This is my CPI!”





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