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YOU MATTER – Report Work Injuries Immediately!

The CPI team wants every CPI employee to maintain a perfect work safety record. Why? Because you matter to CPI!  You’re the reason that you wear your personal protection equipment (PPE). Every day. Every time.

And because developing a “safety first” work culture is always a group effort,  it’s vital that you let your work partner know that his well being is important to you too! If he is not wearing the appropriate PPE, make sure he knows how important his protection is to you and the company. Don’t be shy. Ask him to put on his safety equipment at once! It could save his life, and yours.

Potential hazards in the workplace are everywhere. The CPI team asks you to stay alert and stay aware of your surroundings at all times.

Maybe you’ve heard a coworker say, “I’m fine. I don’t need to wear ear plugs!” The bottom line; if ear plugs are required PPE in a work area, it’s because a study has been done to determine that they are necessary for your protection. This applies to all required PPE orders.

We kindly ask you to remember that safety is everybody’s job.  Lack of action can produce less than desirable consequences. 

If something does happen to you or one of your team members, report it immediately. It’s so much better to be safe than sorry. There is no harm or penalty for reporting a possible injury or even a “near miss” accident.

If you or a team member are in a work accident, report it. Zero excuses.  Your safety and the safety of your team members is too important not to. 

Remember, YOU MATTER. CALL 877.256.8745 to report all work related accidents. The claim line is a 24-7 dial in number. If you are injured, or you see an injury, report it immediately.






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