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Find Work as a Java Developer

Java Developer

Java Developers wanted! Find work as a Java developer at Contract Professionals, Inc. Specializing in the placement of  best-in-class IT professionals, let our seasoned recruitment professionals help you find the Java focused job of your dreams.

As the demand for Java focused employment continues to rise, we thought we’d delve a bit deeper into what Java actually is and why so many HR professionals create digital posts entitled “Java Developers Wanted!”

So what is Java? Java is a programming language and computing platform first released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. Java is fast, secure and reliable. Today, Java is universal. Because this computing platform is everywhere, it’s easy to find work as a Java Developer.

Even if you don’t know what it is, chances are you use Java almost everyday.  If you play video games,  engage in digital chats with people all over the world or calculate your mortgage interest payment online, you’re using Java – and a Java software engineer is making it happen. Java is also big in E-commerce  So if you shop online,  you may not know it, but you’ve been depending on Java to get you your packages on time.

Interestingly, if you are one of the 130 million Android users, you use Java. Android has a huge applications (apps) store called Google Play. Google Play contains millions of apps, which are built using Java.

So, if you’ve got the right knowledge and training, you’ll always be able to find work as a Java developer.

And…the CPI technology recruitment team can provide you with access to more than just a Java job. We can connect you with an employer who will value you as an employee and as a fellow human being. We will work with you to construct a work/life balance, which makes sense for you.

The bottom line: If you want to find a job as a java software engineer, you are living at the right time in history; and CPI can help you get where you want to go.  Check out our current Java focused listings below. Apply directly or reach out to our IT recruitment team by clicking here. To review all job posts click here.










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