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Staffing and Recruitment Services for Job Seekers and Employers in Arizona

CPI bridges the gap between employers and professionals. As a leading Arizona staffing company, we’re experts in identifying potential and matching the right people to the right roles. This localized approach, supported by a strong nationwide network, enables us to understand the regional market dynamics of the areas our Arizona office serves.

Job Seekers: Partner With Top Recruiters in Arizona

Whether you’re an experienced professional or leaving the military, our dedicated team at CPI can connect you with the best opportunities in Arizona’s job market. Your success is our priority. If you are seeking an exciting career opportunity in Arizona, we’ve got your back. We connect our candidates to jobs in defense and mobility, offering opportunities to grow and succeed in your career.

Veterans: Join the Civilian Workforce

Your dedication, skills, and experience as a veteran make you an invaluable asset in the civilian job market. Contract Professionals, Inc. is committed to supporting veterans in transitioning to rewarding civilian careers. Let us help you find opportunities that honor your service and enable your continued success in the workforce. Your next mission begins here.

Employers: Choose a Better Recruitment Agency in Arizona

Time saved in recruitment is time gained in productivity. CPI is committed to helping employers streamline their hiring process.  Our defense, mobility, and IT recruiters in Arizona leverage industry knowledge and talent pool to provide employers with exceptional service. We vet the best matching candidates with the right skills and experience for your business.

Our Expertise: Defense and Mobility

Our team of experts specializes in defense and mobility, filling roles in skilled trades, information technology, engineering, automotive, manufacturing, office professional and finance. We understand the unique needs of these fields and the roles we fill – leading to our reputation for making the right match for each employer and professional we work with.

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