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10 Tips To Optimize Your Experience When Working With A Recruiter

Many candidates seeking support from CPI recruiters often wonder how they can work more effectively with their assigned recruiter. After all, everybody wants the same thing; for the interview to turn into a hire. So we went directly to the source, and we asked our recruiters to give us 10 tips on how to optimize the candidate experience. Here’s what they said:

1. Be Patient. Many of our clients have several highly qualified candidates. It takes a while to sort through them and select the right candidate for their current need(s).

2. Keep An Open Mind. Just because we submit your resume for a particular position doesn’t mean that the client doesn’t have another unadvertised position you might be right for or an opening that is just on the horizon.

3. Follow Up. Recruiters deal with between 15-30 candidates per day. It’s not always easy to keep everyone informed, especially when there is no new information. Rest assured that when we know something, we’ll be in touch immediately. Feel free to reach out anytime. We are always here for you.

4. Keep The Recruiter Informed. If you’ve received another offer, we are really happy for you. Congratulations! We only ask that you let us know. It’s frustrating to work through the entire process and set up an interview for you, only to find out that you’ve selected another position.

5. Be Prepared To Customize Your Resume. Pulling information from our job descriptions and placing key words and skills in your resume is highly encouraged. Our clients want to know that you are paying attention.

6. Ask Questions. Recruiters want you to be prepared for every situation. As such, we encourage candidates to get educated about their potential employer, including the corporate culture and all job related activities. By asking questions, you gain valuable information, which will set you apart from your competition.

7. Provide As Much Information As Possible. If you have vacations planned, important projects that might affect your availability, or special work requirements, etc., let us know. We need to provide this information to our hiring managers up front. No surprises.

8. Help Your Recruiter Accentuate Your Qualifications. Good recruiters make it a point to understand everything about what type of requirements and qualifications their clients need. But we can’t know everything. So it’s mutually beneficial to help the recruiter understand the skills and qualifications you possess, which make you uniquely qualified. This is particularly important because we often write a synopsis about a candidate, which highlights the content of your resume exclusively.

9. Use Digital Resources To Your Advantage. Recruiters always appreciate direct phone calls. There is nothing more effective or personal than verbal communication. But it’s just as important to communicate with a recruiter by sending an email. Even if it’s just to follow up on the conversation we’ve just had. It’s easier for the recruiter to gather information via email, and then we also have a record of our conversation with you.

10. Be Courteous. Your recruiter is working around the clock just for you. We want to see you succeed. That’s why we’re here. Please be kind and courteous. Although we all have bad days, please remember that we are people too. CPI recruiters embody and promote the golden rule. We ask that you do the same.




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