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Veteran Owned CPI Helps Veterans Find Employment


There is movement in the United States to ensure that those service men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving their fellow citizens are given every opportunity to find employment. There is also a push to help them develop pathways to job opportunities that capitalize on the skills and discipline that military training develops. And although there are nation wide initiatives, veterans are still reporting, at least anecdotally, that they are still facing an up hill battle.

Many military service men and women suggest that they are having a difficult time finding employment after they’ve completed their tours of duty. One high ranking veteran, employed through CPI said, As a veteran, its sometimes difficult to just get your foot in the door in the very competitive marketplace. He went on to say that after completing his military service, he was looking for a way to put the expertise he had gained in the Army to good use.I think thats exactly what CPI can do, they can open doors and connect you to great companies, said the veteran.

When another out processing military serviceman got in touch with CPI last year, he said that he knew he was uniquely qualified to take the skills and discipline he developed during his years of service and apply it to the civilian workplace. But he wasn’t sure where to start.

Because CPI also understands how to help military personnel make a smooth transition from active duty to civilian employment, CPIs team of recruiters set to work to find him the perfect fit. Fortunately, CPI was able to place him in a position where he would not only be able to utilize his military skills and training, but he would also have room for advancement.

Over the years, CPI has heard countless stories from numerous veterans, all saying the same thing – they don’t know how to make the leap from military life to civilian employment. And that’s where companies like CPI can make a real difference. CPI has spent more than 30 years actively engaging military sites like Fort Hood and Fort Louis. In fact, CPI has worked with more than 12 military forts/bases and staffed veterans all over the world including: Afghanistan, Canada, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Mexico, Morocco and Saudi Arabia.

In addition, CPI has been the number one supplier to one of the largest defense companies in the world, for over 33 consecutive years. As such, CPI has a deep understanding of the synergy between veterans and employment opportunities in the defense industry.

Beyond the defense industry, CPI is also very adept at placing veterans in the automotive and the information technology sectors. CPI’s clients report that their veteran hires in these verticals are disciplined, punctual, respectful and willing to learn.

Although smaller in scale, CPI is joining Fortune 500 companies across America in a concerted effort to employ veterans. JP Morgan Chase and other founding corporations launched the 100,000 Jobs Mission in March 2011. The goal was to hire 100,000 military veterans by 2020. The coalition surpassed that goal by hiring 190,046 military veterans as of September 2014.

The 100,000 Jobs Mission recently announced that they would hire an additional 100,000 U.S. military veterans by 2020. The coalition consists of companies from every industry including Detroit-based GM, BAE Systems, IBM, Aetna, Coca-Cola, Hershey, Halliburton, Western Union, Bridgestone, Merck, Grainger and several more.

And theres more. Companies like Disney, Starbucks and Capital One Financial all have their own programs that seek to target, train and employ veterans. CPI is proud to share the same vision of some of the best-known companies in the world.

As CPI continues to grow, our dedication to employing veterans grows with it. Although the month of May is dubbed Military Appreciation Month, the staff and employees of CPI honor all military personnel and their families every month of every year. We are honored and humbled by their dedication and sacrifice.

To learn more about how CPI can serve you, please visit or call 877.427.4562

Thank you for your service!




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