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CPI Arizona Helps Employees Receive Their General Equivalency Diploma’s (GED)

As the number one supplier to one of the largest defense suppliers in the world for more than 33 years, CPI has developed a very deep rooted and symbiotic relationship with our DoD client. Over the years, our client had turned to us in order to develop and execute innovative projects for the good of the company.

So when our client brokered a deal to purchase an international telecommunications company, they asked CPI Arizona to develop innovative solutions to solve some very specific staffing and labor concerns.

After the merger, contract labor requirements were altered. New specifications for hiring assembly operators included a General Equivalency Diploma or GED requirement. The group most affected by this change was several assembly workers comprised of all women. Because the group had not graduated from high school, they all faced losing their position(s) with the company.

Our client recognized the value, time and talent that the women had contributed to the organization and they, along with CPI were intent on launching a philanthropic and strategic plan to ensure their viability at the company. At the time, all the women were contractors for CPI.

Taking the long view, the defense supplier and CPI acknowledged that all the women were a great resource to the company with the maturity and necessary skill sets to be vital assets. By providing them with the tools and time to complete their GED’s, they would not only be able to keep their current jobs, but they would also be positioned to acquire additional employment opportunities in and outside of the company.GEDLogoLarge

“CPI Arizona did not hesitate to get involved in a project, which would provide these women with a much deserved education,” said Laura Sorrell, branch manager, CPI. “This group of assembly operators were some of the hardest working employees I had ever seen. Our client recognized their value and wanted to invest in their future and so did CPI!”

Sorrell went on to say that part of CPIs vision is to look for ways to provide greater opportunities to those they serve. CPI also embodies a cultural disposition, by which they wish support those that want to better their lives. By doing so, CPI seeks to encourage their employees to pursue their educational ambitions. Additionally, and in congruence with CPI’s values, they also work to create a more diverse, flexible and educated work force for their clients.

CPI was privileged to help support the defense suppliers initiative to educate their workforce. During the project, CPI created an outreach program, which allowed the women to earn their GED’s and retain their positions.

CPIs role was to conduct research on which GED programs and/or providers were the most advantageous to both the client and the women. CPI was also tasked with ensuring that the assembly operators were able to maintain a flexible academic schedule, so they could execute their employment responsibilities. In addition, CPI was responsible for tracking the progress of each woman. Ultimately, the group was required to go to school 20 hours a week and complete all home work assignments, while maintaining their responsibilities at work.

A majority of the women went on to complete their GEDs. As the program progressed, CPI was also able to identify that two of the assembly operators were mother and daughter. Both women completed their high school certification at the same time and went on to work in the company. A true success story! All employees who completed their GEDs became eligible for additional opportunities inside the organization.




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