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Recruiting Passive Candidates

Recruiting Passive Candidates

Recruiters work to connect the right candidate with the right job. As a result, they are often tasked with recruiting passive candidates. Why? Because the best candidates in engineering and IT are often already employed.  Persuading those candidates to make a career move can be tough, but its not impossible.

The bottom line: America is working. Employment rates in the US remain at an all time high.  As a country, we want our workforce to be totally engaged.  Our Founding Father’s envisioned a strong, united and prosperous nation.

But what if our nation’s companies have more jobs than candidates to fill them? When this happens, they turn to companies like CPI to fill in the gaps.

Passive candidates are highly experienced individuals who aren’t looking for a new job. However, they might consider a job change for the right opportunity.

The CPI team specializes in recruiting passive candidates for some of the largest companies in the world. To stay competitive, the CPI team offers a very generous candidate referral program.

Our job is to help the passive candidate understand how a new job will be an upgrade in his/her life. It’s not always about the money. The CPI team reports that work/life balance and other benefits are often just as important than the financial piece of the overall compensation package.

According to industry experts, by 2030, it’s extremely likely that there will be a global talent shortage, which will reach 85 million people with needed skills. The financial impact is projected to be $8.5 trillion of lost revenue.

In sum, passive recruitment will be at the forefront of staffing trends for 2019 and beyond.  Companies that want to stay ahead of the talent curve would do well to partner with the CPI recruitment team.

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