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42 Years of Service: The Inspiring Journey of CPI – Part 3

As we commemorate CPI’s remarkable journey, we’ve been diving deep into our roots and reflecting on the incredible path we’ve traveled. We’ve explored our humble beginnings, celebrated our triumphs, and learned from the challenges which shaped us.

In this final segment of our anniversary celebration, we recap and embrace CPI’s current challenges with a spirit of optimism and determination. Despite the hurdles we have faced, we stand strong, united as a team, ready to tackle whatever comes our way.

Adapting to the New Normal: Navigating COVID-19’s Impact on the Staffing Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic unleashed unprecedented challenges for talent solutions companies in Michigan and beyond, fundamentally reshaping the landscape of the industry. As businesses like CPI grappled with widespread closures, remote work mandates, and economic uncertainty, the demand for talent fluctuated dramatically, sending shockwaves throughout the recruitment and staffing sector.

The economic downturn triggered by the pandemic led to widespread layoffs and hiring freezes across various industries. As businesses sought to cut costs and preserve liquidity, they scaled back their recruitment efforts, resulting in a drastic reduction in demand for talent acquisition services. 

CPI’s Response To COVID-19

When Steve York founded CPI on March 2,1982, he did so with an unparalleled commitment to navigate his team through good times and bad. COVID-19 was no different.

CPI’s corporate headquarters remained open, in accordance with the President’s guidelines that the defense industrial base had a “special responsibility” to the country to maintain a normal work schedule in this time of need.

Steve and his management team, worked to steady the ship. In particular, CPI’s Vice President of Finance, Tricia Wilson was instrumental in navigating the murky COVID-19 waters.

For the past 25 years, Tricia has been a cornerstone at CPI, guiding strategic financial management. Amid COVID-19 challenges, her expertise ensured CPI’s resilience. Tricia developed and managed the financial strategies, navigating COVID-19 uncertainty with skillful forecasting, bolstering profits, and productivity. Her dedication safeguarded CPI’s stability, fostering growth for the future.

Visionary Leadership: Jack W. Van Tiem Guides CPI’s Growth into the Future

Jack W. Van Tiem, the President of CPI, embodies a steadfast commitment to steering CPI towards future growth and success. With a background marked by extensive experience in leadership roles within the staffing industry, Jack brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic vision to his position. His brief tenure at CPI already reflects a dedication to ensuring the company’s future prosperity, particularly as a service-disabled veteran owned enterprise.

Jack’s leadership is characterized by reliability and trustworthiness, qualities that have earned him respect within the organization and the wider industry. His arrival at CPI was driven by a clear mission: to foster sustainable business growth and secure CPI’s position as a prominent player in the talent solutions domain. By leveraging his expertise in talent acquisition, retention strategies, and business development, Jack aims to propel CPI forward, expanding its client base while attracting and retaining top-tier talent. With his watchful eye on the horizon, Jack is poised to lead CPI into a future defined by continued growth and excellence.

Here’s To The Future!

Looking ahead, we’re filled with hope and anticipation as we envision the bright future that awaits CPI. With unwavering dedication and a steadfast commitment to excellence, we’re poised to continue our legacy of innovation and success.

Here’s to 42 years of resilience, growth, and countless achievements! Together, we’re writing the next chapter of the CPI story, and the best is yet to come!



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