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Oshkosh Defense Is Hiring

Oshkosh Defense Is Hiring

Oshkosh Defense is hiring today! Committed to supporting our nation’s military, Oshkosh Defense is hiring the best of the best.

The Oshkosh Defense team is looking to hire only those that possess  a commitment to excellence, so the company can deliver on their promise – “Where you go, we go. Whenever you need support, we deliver.”

If you have experience as a:

  • Designer Engineer
  • Test Engineer
  • Test Technician
  • Vehicle Designer

please send your resume by clicking here.

The following are hot jobs for immediate hire:

To review all Oshkosh Defense job opportunities, please visit

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Why Oshkosh Defense?

As an industry-leading tactical vehicle manufacturer, Oshkosh strive’s to meet or exceed their customers’ ever-changing needs with next-generation defense technologies and advanced systems.  Oshkosh Defense operates with unparalleled commitment to those who depend on their products and services worldwide to perform their missions and return home safely.

Mission Critical

When the mission is the focus. There is one focus on the battlefield: Doing whatever it takes to accomplish the mission. Oshkosh Defense is dedicated to designing, building and supporting defense vehicles and technologies. Their goal is to understand the ever-changing needs of today’s armed forces. They consider it an honor and privilege to serve the men and women who put their lives on the line every day for the mission. Every innovation they develop, every product they design and every service they deliver helps them successfully complete that mission.

Oshkosh Defense: Where Ideas Become Solutions

Oshkosh Defense has assembled some of the greatest engineering minds in the industry to collaborate with military personnel to understand and analyze the problems they face. They think about all the challenges and explore all the possibilities. Then they create solutions by blending the art of invention and the science of new product development. Solutions that directly respond to the needs of those who serve – like extreme off-road mobility, expeditionary power generation, integrated on-board diagnostics and autonomous vehicle operability.



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