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C0VID-19 Crisis And Your Career

COVID-19 Crisis and your Caeer

With the most (stock market) volatility on record since the 1929 Great Depression, the COVID-19 virus is causing uncertainty and stress for most of us. If you are working, you’re most likely concerned that you will lose your job. If you are job hunting, you may be concerned that potential job opportunities will dwindle or dry up altogether.

So, what can we do to take control of our situation? In good times and bad, it’s always prudent to invest in yourself. Your willingness to learn new skills and stay open to new opportunities will help you shine when the COVID-19 crisis finally comes to an end.

Connect with a CPI Recruiter

During this time of uncertainty, don’t wait to connect with a CPI recruiter. Why? CPI recruiters are direct points of contact for some the largest and most respected companies in the world. They may be able to connect you with the job of your dreams. And if they don’t have something today, that doesn’t’ mean they won’t be able to help you tomorrow.  New jobs are added all the time. By maintaining an active connection with a CPI recruiter, you’ll be ready if you need to find a new job. Get started by visiting

Demonstrate Value

Whether you are working from home, laid off or one of the few still going into the office, now is the time to demonstrate your value. Enroll in an online learning course to advance your skill set. (There are plenty of low cost or free options available online.)

Launch a blog with a focus on your area of expertise. Build a content calendar and map out a monthly publishing schedule for the next 12 months. Then, follow through by writing a blog post once a month or more.

Examine ways to expand your network. You may wonder how to go about networking if you are stuck at home. Fortunately, we live in the age of online connectivity. Research online groups and connect with people that can ultimately help you meet your strategic objectives. At the same time, connect with people for the sole purpose of providing support and/or understanding. We really are all in this together. If you can be helpful, do it. Expect nothing in return. Take the time to nurture relationships. We must all maintain and care for our professional networks.  Online groups are no different.

Listen. Go the extra mile. Maybe you’ve been thinking about new ways to improve your job processes.  Now’s the time to think about ways to add more value. Your willingness to grow will set you apart from those that lack the moxie to get ahead.

We are in a skills-based economy, and when the crisis ends, you will have used this time to your advantage.

Stand Out and Show Up

The Cambridge Dictionary defines “stand out” as –  to be much better than other similar things or people. The Cambridge Dictionary also defines “show up” as to – appear or be seen.

You’ve probably heard that “showing up is 80% of life.”  But how can you show up to events, volunteer projects or other work related events that have been cancelled?  If you are currently connected to your boss and co-workers in a virtual environment, look for ways to show up and stand out. Can you help your co-worker solve a problem? Do it. Does your boss need additional support in managing the logistics of a virtual work environment? Help out. Can you volunteer your time and talents to make your supervisor’s job smoother and easier? Do it. Show up and stand out by offering potential suggestions and solutions. By doing so, you build a network, a reputation and opportunities to connect with others in a meaningful way.

Your Resume – SEO Matters

Polish and optimize your resume and LinkedIn profile. This is vital in your job search and necessary in almost every job search scenario.  So, what’s SEO and why does it matter?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a from of technical writing which focuses on key words. Internet search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) and  company ATS’s (applicant tracking systems) use key words to rank information.  In short, you will want to include the appropriate key words in your resume, as it relates to your target job description.  Take some time to learn more about SEO and SEO writing for resumes.  On the surface, SEO may seem complex, but it just another writing style you should understand and incorporate into your job search.

Even if you currently have a job, take the time to review your skills, projects and successes on a monthly basis. Incorporate that information into your resume. Don’t wait until you need your resume to get started.


Although many of us have never experienced a crisis as far reaching as the COVID-19, it’s important that we all take a lesson from those who have experienced so much worse. Our Greatest Generation grew up during The Great Depression and faced nearly insurmountable odds -fighting against the most evil regime that the modern world had ever seen. “These men and women fought not for fame or recognition, but because it was the “right thing to do.” – Tom Brokaw

“Their remarkable actions, during times of war and peace, ultimately made the United States a better place in which to live. Born and raised in a tumultuous era marked by war and economic depression, Brokaw asserts, these men and women developed values of “personal responsibility, duty, honor and faith.”

We can and should all take a lesson from The Greatest Generation – that we too, will persevere and thrive once more. We can move forward safe and at peace with the knowledge that “this too, shall pass.” Onward.




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