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The Rise of Agile Software Development

agile software development

What is agile software development, and why is it more critical than ever?

Agile software development is a frequentative approach to project management and software development that helps companies deliver value to their customers faster and with fewer challenges. Put simply, it’s the integration of project management and lightning speed technology; with the goal of getting the job done, in the most effective and productive way(s) possible. And then there’s “scrum”.  Scrum is the subset of agile.  It is a lightweight process framework for agile development, and the most widely-used one.

So why has agile software development become so ubiquitous and in demand? In short, because the pandemic has put the need for digital centric projects on over drive. Although the global marketplace has forced companies to become technologically reliant and hyper-competitive already, COVID-19 has only intensified the demand for agile software integration.

As the global workforce has moved from collaborative onsite workspaces to remote office teams, leaders have been forced to adapt. “The need for remote work coupled with demands by consumers for personalized, streamlined online experiences have pushed businesses to accelerate their digital transformation. McKinsey Rearch notes that the recovery from COVID-19 will be digital, with organizations transforming to “virtual, digital-centric, and agile.”

2022 is ushering in what industry experts coin as “rapid innovation.” Along with COVID-19, worldwide consumerism has also reached a fevered pitch. Modern consumers are demanding higher quality, at a lower price. And they want it all right now!  To meet these demands, businesses need their software development processes to be on point, rapid, and malleable to customer needs. The answer: agile software development for the win.

The overall value promoted by agile software development is faster delivery of higher value functionality, leading to earlier benefits realized for the company, and ultimately the consumer. Agile devotees point to these additional benefits:

  1. Greater ability to respond to change during projects.
  2. Increased team productivity.
  3. Improved business/IT alignment.
  4. Superior software quality.
  5. Predictability of software release dates.

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