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42 Years of Service: The Inspiring Journey of CPI – Part 2

Happy 42nd Anniversary!

Last week, we revisited the origins of CPI, reflecting on its journey from inception to its status as a renowned talent solutions company. 

Today, CPI is known as a “Cool Place,” garnering numerous accolades, such as the Crain’s Cool Places to Work For in Detroit and the 101 Best and Brightest Places to Work. Additionally, it has been recognized as Veteran Owned Business of the Year by both the SBA and MichBusiness and has received the prestigious MichBusiness CEO of CEOs award.

Weathering Economic Turmoil

Over its 42-year existence, CPI has navigated through various economic landscapes. As a key player in Metro Detroit’s small business ecosystem, CPI has been entrenched in the tiered supplier system supporting defense, automotive, manufacturing, telecommunications, and technology sectors.

The 2008 stock market crash, epitomized by the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeting 777.68 points in intra-day trading, significantly altered the global economic landscape. Defense projects and automotive programs faced severe setbacks, impacting CPI’s clientele and revenue streams.

This period marked a defining chapter for CPI. The leadership team, led by Founder and CEO Steve York, confronted daunting challenges necessitating tough decisions. York recalls, “We had to make tremendously difficult decisions.” Despite the adversities, York remained steadfast in his commitment to preserving the company’s profitability and retaining its workforce. With a resolute focus on the overarching mission of facilitating employment opportunities for veterans and civilians, York streamlined operations and upheld financial stability, steering CPI through the crisis.

Under York’s stewardship, CPI not only weathered the economic storm but also positioned itself for sustained growth.

Jay Vorobel, serving as Vice President alongside York, played an instrumental role in navigating CPI through this tumultuous period. Vorobel’s journey within CPI began in 1992 as a recruiter, showcasing exceptional prowess in sales and gradually ascending the ranks. By 2010, Vorobel assumed the mantle of Vice President, overseeing CPI’s largest recruiting team and a multifaceted sales department.

Reflecting on his journey, Vorobel asserts, “CPI is a very large part of who I am.” He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with Steve and the entire CPI team, emphasizing their collective resilience and determination. As CPI continues to forge ahead, Vorobel remains confident in the company’s unwavering trajectory and its potential for future success.

Check back next week (Friday, March 22) for the final part covering CPI’s journey past, present and future!



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