Case Studies

Case Study 1

DOD Client Requires Comprehensive CPI Employee Transfer Program To Be Implemented With 100% Conversion Rate

The Situation

Contract Professionals, Inc. (CPI) has a relationship as a certified service disabled veteran owned supplier (SDVOSB) to a Department of Defense (DOD) prime contractor. The prime contractor had a need to transfer approximately 40 uniquely skilled employees from a current non performing vendor to CPI. The client also required a cost savings in managing the detailed travel, lodging and other logistical requirements. These were long term employees with benefit packages including accrued vacation and department of defense clearances. The prime contractor insisted that the employees in question remain unaware of their transfer status until the morning of the transition meeting. In addition to regular OCONUS (state side) work schedule(s), the transition employees would also be required to travel and work outside the United States (OCONUS) including war zone countries. International travel requirements dictate that CPI would be responsible for the transfer employee’s visas, medical processing, clearance processing and other related government documents/requirements.

Our Solution

CPI met with the client and discussed our ISO -9000 transition process. In addition, the CPI team reviewed all of the unique travel requirements and skill sets required by the client. In reviewing the logistical requirements, the CPI team was able to pinpoint areas where costs savings could be gained. CPI assumed the tasks, which included the cash flow requirements, enhancement of our travel partner software support and targeted 3-8% cost savings. CPI had the recruiting bandwidth, administrative support and cash flow assets to execute the project. The CPI Management Team flew a transition team to Texas and they met with the 40 transfer employees at two work sites. The CPI transition team conducted the overview, introduction and reviewed all on-boarding documentation, which were prepared in advance using the CPI automated electronic onboarding process. This process resulted in 100% of the 40 employees transferring from the largest staffing firm in the United States to CPI flawlessly. CPI utilizes ADP for payroll and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan for healthcare. These firms were critical for the success of this mission. \


The 100% success rate gained praise from the employees. As quoted by one of the transfer employees, Louis Guillaud II, Instructor Coordinator, DOD Supplier, “I am writing this because it needs to be said. Your professionalism and support regarding the on-boarding process showed the attention to detail that I expect from a contractor support company. In less than a month, you have all showed more care and consideration than the entire 12 years I was with other staffing firms. I imagine that the difference is that CPI is a veteran owned an operated company. Your team impressed everyone. We all appreciate everything, because we are all professionals supporting the client and the US Armed Services. Thank you again.” Our client was also very pleased with CPI’s hard work and attention to detail.

As quoted by our DOD client, Plant Manager, “I really appreciate the job CPI is doing. I’ve had several of the new transfer employees tell me how well they are being treated from several areas of our company. I have a mission to complete and the CPI team is playing a key part in my ability to reach my goals. My need for new employees is going to continue for the foreseeable future. Thanks again for everyone’s support. This is just the beginning.”

In summation, CPI achieved a 5% hard cost travel savings and a 10% soft cost savings. CPI assigned staff at no cost to manage all travel. The success of this mission has brought an additional 60 employee business gain to CPI.