Case Studies

Case Study 2

With Comprehensive CPI Support, a Major Defense Contractor Launches International Vehicle Maintenance Program and Provides Employment for Veterans.

The Situation

A major defense contractor had to perform various services to the vehicles they produce. These services includes retro-fit, up armor and systems enhancements and modifications. This service had to be performed at numerous military bases throughout the U.S. and overseas. The project included the need for highly skilled veterans who needed to be assembled into teams ranging from 10-100 people.

Our Solution

CPI partnered with the defense contractor to define the scope of the project. This included the locations of all work sites, precise skill set requirements and man power loading schedules. Specific deadlines were put in place and adhered to, in order to meet government requirements. CPI aligned itself with various military transition centers throughout the U.S., in order to locate qualified military professionals, in each geographical area.

CPI worked with the transition centers to identify the applicable MOS (Military Occupation Specialty) that would be relevant to the expertise needed for the project. Subsequently, soldiers with the necessary specific job related MOS codes were identified.

CPI worked with soldiers who were currently looking for work in the civilian market, as well as members of the military that were still active or out-processing. The active or out processing soldiers were identified and hired on projects based on their availability.

The communication with active soldiers extended throughout world. Once they returned state side, they had the comfort and confidence in knowing that their positions of employment had already been secured.


CPI was able to staff every location with dedicated veteran teams, ready to accomplish the mission. The projects were all completed on time and within budget, as requested by the government.

Because the veterans had the experience, dedication and commitment to excellence necessary to execute such a large scale program, CPI was able to reassign many of them to additional projects.