Case Studies

Case Study 3

A Small, Woman Owned Engineering Company, with a Focus on Hardware/Software Solutions for the Aerospace Industry, needs an External HR Department to find their A-list Employees.

The Situation

A full service, small, woman owned engineering firm with a mission to provide hardware and software solutions to the aerospace sector found themselves in need of an external human resources department. The objective of the external HR department would be to fill their highly specialized roles in mechanical engineering, as well as to identify candidates with the skills to embed software on to hardware systems.

Without a comprehensive human resources department, the client was unable to come to scale in a timely fashion, jeopardizing their ability to fulfill their federal contracts.

Our Solution

CPI partnered with the engineering company to define their needs. In addition to determining their human capital requirements, CPI was able to develop a strategy to leverage the company’s strong reputation of being a highly desirable place to work. Our research determined that almost 100% of all candidates who interviewed with the company were eager to take the job.

Because CPI has a long history of placing mechanical engineers, quality inspectors and test engineers, we were able to assist the company in reaching full capacity within 30 days. Specializing in targeting, recruiting and presenting specialized talent, we activated our proprietary recruitment database and tapped into targeted talent pools to reach their goals.


CPI was able to provide the engineering company with more than a dozen highly specialized candidates. Every candidate we provided went on to accept employment with the company. CPI has secured a long-term partnership with the company. As a result, CPI has become their primary provider of human capital.