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Stand Out

We live in a world where time is a commodity, and everyone is under more pressure than ever to perform; to be faster, smarter and more efficient than the next person. In the staffing business, its a numbers game, but that doesnt mean that every client or candidate is interchangeable or that theyre just a number on a company white board. numberesgame At least not at CPI.

It may be about profit, but it had better be about people too.

So why is CPI different? What sets us apart in the very crowded marketplace? CPI is a technical staffing company with a mission to represent and serve the client, by finding the perfect candidate(s) to advance operational objectives. It may not seem special. And to some, it isnt. But its the attention to detail that matters. Our clients know it. And our employees know it.

Its an understanding that we are responsible for the livelihoods of our employees and sometimes the over all health of our clients companies. We are keenly aware that we play a vital role in helping households maintain their standard of living. We exist to help our companies remain profitable. We are an important function in the economic health of our nation too.

At CPI, its also about making sure that the client understands that CPI can not only deliver the candidates, but we can deliver the highest quality candidates. They have to be the best fit, in order to increase profit margins, streamline processes and to generally raise the competitive bar.

And its also about the candidate. Its about their life and their objectives. Its about listening to their goals, aspirations and learning about their skill sets. At CPI, every recruiter makes the decision every day to journey alongside real live people, as they explore, seek and find a professional home. Its a tremendous responsibility.

When reviewing a candidate for the first time, all of our recruiters ask several key questions. Does the candidate have the skill set required for the job? Do they have a passion for their chosen field? And most importantly, are they a fit for the position and the corporate culture?

At CPI, its also about changing lives. People dont realize that when we become engaged with a candidate, we become emotionally invested too, said Cindy Hurley, Technical Recruiter, CPI. Hurley went on to say her job can be quite intense, because as she works with a candidate, she begins to understand the struggles and triumphs of the person on the other end of the phone or email. At the end of the day, everyone has a story, said Hurley. We have an obligation to be their champion and represent them fairly.

The staffing industry as a whole helps people and companies achieve their goals. CPI differentiates itself by insisting that our team truly understands the challenges and goals of those we represent, from both the client and the candidate perspective. Stand out

Lead with that type of ethical conviction, combined with grit, intelligence and perseverance and youve got a stand out. #BringIt #CPI




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