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CPI Wins Car Award From Roush Industries

Most people in the automotive world have heard of Roush Industries. As a premier provider of automotive engineering and systems integration solutions, with over 3,000 employees in facilities across the globe, it would be nearly impossible not to at least recognize the Roush brand. Known for their commitment to excellence and their unwavering dedication to putting the client first, Roush looks to only partner with the best to get the job done.

In 2013, Contract Professionals, Inc. (CPI) developed a relationship with Roush Industries for the purposes of providing prototype mechanics, engineers and designers to deliver products to their clients.

To date, CPI has executed nearly 400 assignments at Roush. Its been an amazing opportunity to work with a company with such an incredible reputation and stellar customer service, said John Mulligan, Account Executive, CPI and lead project manager on the Roush project.

Most recently, the prototype group at Roush had been faced with finding several prototype mechanics to fulfill their orders, in a very short period of time.

So in the spirit of competition, Roush challenged all of their recruitment vendors to a contest to see which company could submit and start the most mechanics within a three day period of time. The winner would receive a 2010 Roush 427R Ford Mustang model signed by Mr. Jack Roush, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Roush.

CPI is proud to announce that we won the contest. Its been a honor to win the award, said Jay Vorobel, Vice President, CPI. Its competitions like this that make it a privilege to come to work, and we were honored to participate. Although the competition is over, we will continue to provide Roush with the very best and most qualified candidates in a timely mustang

The very special Ford Mustang model will remain unopened and in it’s box, in order to maintain it’s value. It is highly sought after by model car collectors, and you can probably only find one on an online auction or bidding site.

“Our award will be placed in a prominent area in the CPI offices, so everyone that walks by it will be reminded of the good work that gets done here,” said Mulligan. “Our entire team should be very proud, and we are very grateful to Roush for their continued partnership.”




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