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Do you have what it takes to launch your career as a Signals Intelligence or SIGINT professional?  Maybe you’ve been in the information gathering game for awhile. Maybe you are a 35N transitioning from a military career to a private sector opportunity. No matter your circumstances, the CPI team can help you find the right SIGINT job for you.

A service disabled veteran owned workforce solutions company, CPI represents the largest and most prestigious Department of Defense suppliers in the world.  These suppliers rely on the CPI team to cultivate and discover the best of the best SIGINT talent in the United States of America.  In order to provide an incentive and create connections with the intelligence community, the CPI team offer a very lucrative and highly competitive TIP referral program.

So what does it mean to have a SIGINT career?

According to the United States National Security Agency / Central Security Service, SIGINT jobs involve collecting foreign intelligence from communications and information systems. This information is provided to customers across the United States government, including Department of Defense suppliers.

SIGINT is certainly all about sophisticated and detailed communication. “Communication is an important part of everyday life; especially when it comes to leading a country. World leaders communicate with their people in a variety of ways. All of these forms of communication emit a signal that can be collected. The information gathered from these intercepted signals is of vital importance to national security.”

The NSA collects the raw SIGINT and then NSA translators, cryptologists, analysts, and other technical experts turn the raw data into something that an all-source analyst can use. The information gathered is used to help protect our troops, support our allies, fight terrorism, combat international crime and narcotics, support diplomatic negotiation and advance many other important national objectives.

SIGINT consists of:

  • Communications Intelligence (COMINT) – technical and intelligence information derived from intercept of foreign communications.
  • Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) – information collected from systems such as radars and other weapons systems.
  • Foreign Instrumentation Signals Intelligence (FISINT) – signals detected from weapons under testing and development.

If you are ready to get started, let the CPI team help you find your perfect SIGNIT employment opportunity today. 



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